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Wrong aircraft data being returned

Hi, for helicopter VH-NFO (Sydney, NSW) , when I click on “visit flight page” it takes you to the details for the US registered NFO, rather than VH-NFO.
Is there anyway to overcome this.


What is the page you are navigating from?

When you click on the aircraft icon the data screen opens on the RHS. Click on “visit flight page” and then you are taken to the wrong aircraft.


But… what page are you looking at that shows the aircraft icon? Can you attach a screenshot?

No aircraft has gone.


There are many places spread across FlightAware’s website and other software where you could click on an aircraft icon and be taken to a flight page. Unfortunately ff you can’t describe where you are starting from, then we can’t know where to look for a bug.

(my hunch is that you’re actually using Skyaware, but it’s very unclear from your post)

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Here is another example I captured today.

PKAR04 is a Park Air helicopter, yet the icon is showing up as a plane.

Here are the images I captured off the screen.

I have two screen shots, but I can only attach one image.



Ok, so that looks like a Skyaware screenshot, probably (Please include the whole thing next time!)

Rotorcraft showing up as a small-plane-icon is probably a misconfigured transponder.

The VH-NFO callsign confusion you originally referred to is due to the Australian convention of dropping the VH- prefix from callsigns. Note that NFO is not a valid US N-number, you’re just seeing a callsign collision with some other random aircraft (callsigns are not globally unique!)

In both cases there is limited (local only) data available to fix that. It’s mostly expected behaviour - what you’re seeing is the purely local data without the benefit of the other data sources that the main FlightAware website has access to.

Ok thanks that explains a lot.