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Deviating data

In most cases less then 5 minutes of viewing the sidebar (expand listing) I found data mismatch.

Like missing or wrong registration/type and the ‚big bang’ varying data between Piaware, Flightaware and Airframes. (three different registration)
Whereby Airframes mostly shown the right data!
Yes, I know my JSON DB in PiAware isn’t up to date. This is not the problem because I know how to change this.

But wrong data from FlightAware?
And this with well known aircrafts!
I’m astonished about that.

Actually I prefer my dusted GUI (Mutability 1.15) with correct data (amended by me) and switching off 3.7.1.

Radar spotting makes fun !!!

If you mean the speed, that data is sourced from the aircraft, not from FlightAware.

(much of what FlightAware does involves taking the - very noisy - raw data like this and trying to clean it up)

Registration and aircraft type are not transmitted by the aircraft and are only as good as your local database. Unfortunately FlightAware is limited in terms of what registry data we are allowed to redistribute - we’ve included what we can, but it’s by no means 100% complete or correct.

The data on your screenshots is all local information.
The Flightaware.com text on the screenshot is just a link to the flight on flightaware.

I don’t mean the speed.
This example means N471MC isn’t a C206 it is a Boeing 747.

Yes I know this is only the link!
But if You activate the link You got wrong data from FlightAware additionally.

There are a lot of wrong aircrafts displayed in FlightAware.
At first glance everything looks good. But after checking out with the help of ModeS Code you will detect discrepancies. See above! A Cessna isn’t a 747

Yep, our Mode S / aircraft type mappings are not 100% - notably, anything that’s a) not US-registered b) not a customer and c) isn’t filing flightplans with aircraft type. The Mode S to tail number mappings are, with a few notable exceptions like the US, not a matter of public record.