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Aircraft type shows "n/a"

Any idea why some aircraft types are shown as “n/a” while hovering the mouse across it?
I mean this one:

While clicking on the link going to FA website the type is visible there.
First i thought there are issues with newer planes, but e.g. the B77 types are sometimes shown and sometimes not

Skyview has a static database, hosted on your receiver, that has aircraft registration and type info for some aircraft based on the aircraft address (885171, above). This database is fairly limited, especially for non-US aircraft, and may be a few months old as it is updated as part of a Skyview release.

The main FlightAware website also includes data from other sources not available to Skyview, including for example type information received as part of airline schedules, flightplans from ANSPs, and 3rd party aircraft databases with distribution restrictions that mean we can’t include that data in Skyview’s database.


Thanks for your quick response, much appreciated

Any chance to get the local database updated from time to time?

It generally gets updated with each piaware/skyview release

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