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Aircraft data update


I really liked the improvements in version 4.0.
However, there are still several aircraft that do not have correct information.
I would like to know how I can contribute to updating the data of these aircraft?
I have an extensive database, since 2007 with all the aircraft that passed in my region.
I hope I can help in some way.

Renato Nagg

The aircraft data is extracted from FlightAware’s internal database (those parts of it which are not encumbered by restrictions on redistribution). It’s generally from upstream providers and not crowdsourced.

Do you have some examples of errors that need to be corrected?

Good morning!!

What I have seen is not a matter of error, but it is that most aircraft are not registered and with that I am without their information. Here’s an example that I just picked up this morning. No aircraft is registered.
If I had access I could make these registrations and with that the information would be more complete. Then you wouldn’t have to use other programs to track flights, but you would use SkyAware directly.

If you can point me at the upstream source of the registration info for these aircraft (e.g. data from the national registry, or similar) I can look at importing that into the main FlightAware db (which will then make its way down into the SkyAware db). It would need to be a reliable, maintained data source though. (I found https://www.anac.gov.br/assuntos/setor-regulado/aeronaves/rab/relatorios-estatisticos, but it does not appear to include ICAO address assignments)

If you’re just looking to import your own data for your own use, it’s possible to add data to your local db and rebuild the json files that SkyAware uses - see https://github.com/flightaware/dump1090/blob/master/tools/README.aircraft-db.md