Wow!, Flightaware now has national fleet maps!

Great Job, For a another cool featre.

Needs work. For AAL, UAL and even ACA I get a map of a single flight in the middle of the Pacific :open_mouth:

Improvements on the way…

um…where are they?

Conveniently located within the fleet map pages!

Is there any way to filter down the airline fleet map to various regions of the world only?
e.g. instead of

have something like,

where the base map is associated w/ some codes?
CONUS = contig…USA
NATL= north atlantic
CAN = canada
SAM = south america
CENAM = cntrl america
CARIB = carribbean
NEUS = North East US (ATL-BOS cooridor)
WUS = Western US (SEA-DEN-SAN-SFO-SEA base map)?