Is there a way to set up the flight tracker to show a map us the U.S. with only the aircraft arriving and departing a certain airport.
I found out how to look at all the aircraft in the local area of my airport but not how to filter only the aircraft who are using the airport.


So you want to see the planes going in and out of that airport im guessing. Well pull up the page then click the “Nationwide” link under the radar in the top right of the screen. This will show you all the flights that departed and are incoming into that airport.


No, there isn’t. You can see, as Boeing 7475500 says, aircraft going to a particular airport but you won’t see a map of all of the aircraft going to that airport.

When you post, you need to use the subject line correctly. “Question” doesn’t say a thing about what you are posting about. You should have said something like “how do I show a map of aircraft going to a specific airport?”.



Thanks for the info and the “lecture”.

I’ll try to do better next time. (Sarcasm)


Don’t worry, he will always find something that you did wrong and have to correct it. :wink: … Just messing with ya Dami!


That was hardly a lecture. Putting a relevant subject in the subject line is common sense.


You spelled aircraft wrong :laughing:



He did not, he was abbreviating…



Boeing: Glad I could amuse you, although I think a typo is more of a grin or a smirk than actually laughing out loud.

Pika: That’s my story, too, and I’m sticking to it. Well, I was sticking to it until I corrected it.


Yeah, but you used it correctly in the line below so I had a hard time believing it was an abbreviation. I was laughing cause I finally caught one of your screw ups.


Well I’m sorry I made you have to raise your finger and click on a post you knew nothing about.

cfijames, here is some common sense from atprobert
Try not to be so critical of flightaware newbees. I’ve made one post here and have already been told by 2 members that I’m doing it all wrong. :angry:


Only two? Wow, we must be losing our touch…

PSA: Just take it all in stride…


Attention rk772:


Cfijames and damiross are telling you this because it is a consistent problem with subject lines that leave no clue as to whether or not we are able to answer your question. Look at past topics. You’ll see many that give no hints whatsoever as to what the hell they’re talking about!! It gets annoying when you don’t have time to read through EVERYTHING. Listen to your elders, my son (or daughter, as the case may be).


With 1200 post between the 3 of you, It would seem that you have plenty of time on your hands.

I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow from FL410. Have fun tracking me.


See, you are still doing it wrong!!! Women…just can’t get anything right…(FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY…PLEASE NOTE THE SARCASM!!)

Anyway, how are we supposed to be jealous when tracking you if we don’t know what flight it will be? I mean…DUH!!!


I wouldnt have bothered to type anything at all if you hadnt responded to damiross’s simple, kindly worded suggestion with a smart-ass reply.
But since I was singled out, I will explain myself further.
When you get a handoff to a new center controller do you make initial contact with, “Center, I have a question”?
No, you would say, "Washington Center, Rk772 with you FL 410, Request."
It’s just polite.
By the way, no one said you’re doing it all wrong. (ok, well pika did but he’s an ass and proud of it) We dont expect much from our younger less worldly members but I would hope someone who claims to be a “big-time look-at-me” pilot would have a little more sensibility. (and wouldnt take it so personally)

Thats so sweet of you, thank you. I’ll be mountain biking with my dog for a good part of the day, I will thinking about you too dear.
Have a good flight.


Actually, I don’t like the whole “With You” thing. If you listen up on the radio, you’ll find that phrase is rairly used.
He knows I’m with him.
I just check in with “RK772 FL410, request”


I agree, I dont say with you either. I was going to leave it out, but for some reason I added that in there too. Though I usually do say good morning or good afternoon or "Washington Center Pilatus 619AF level 280, Hello."
If they’re not busy and in a good mood they will usually say hello back. You can really tell the controllers who are bored of their jobs. They reply to everything with a very terse “Roger”


Especially NY Center.

I think Cleveland and FT. Worth Centers have the nicest controlers.


Mid-western regional influence. Like Canadians, in general, they just tend to be a bit more civil.

In the future, of course, NY Center will acknowledge every call with a terse “Yo!”, and every request with “Fuhgeddaboutit!”.

Still, that will be better than SFO answering everything with “Whatever dude!”.