New Interactive Airport Maps

It’s cool to be able to zoom out and see all the inbound flights from Europe, for example:

I have all the layers on and “Earth View” selecetd.

thought my eyes were doing funny things. I just happened to be looking at the SFO airport map when the data tags started blinking from one aircraft to the next. You can sure see the NAT tracks in action on your example.
I like it.

John in Saudi

I just noticed that if I have earth view selected the next time the map updates it comes back up in classic view.

John in Saudi


When i type my airport CYYR it shows up somewhere on the coast of Africa. Even though it is snowing here today i like to move back to Labrador.

huh, I was through Goose just a couple of years ago and I could swear there was more dirt and rocks than that.

John in Saudi

CYYR relocated to Canada.

Thanks, good to be home again and i do like the the new format and ability to view all the aircraft coming and going across the big pond.

Great…now my wife is really gonna hit the roof when I’m glued to the site!!! :unamused: :slight_smile: Great Job guys. Makes it that much more interesting and a great teaching tool.

Thanks for adding this feature! I have been waiting since 2006 for this! One thing… will we always have to mouse-over the flight paths to get info or can there be some preservation of the old view where you can see multiple data tags and pan and zoom around as well?

just AWESOME! Keep up the great work, guys!

That would be nice too.

Didn’t think it was possible for it to be this good. Great work. Thanks.

Datablocks are very hard to read in Sectional view. Could we maybe have some kind of background for the text? (think white-on-black closed captions)

This is a known issue and coming soon.

Best invention since the airplane!! AWESOME!

Is this the end of the large sized maps? The new features are great, but the maps are now much smaller… wish they still showed the big picture.

Now you have to click on the little icon looking box in the lower right corner to open the big map.

John in Saudi

Hi – porterjet is right, you have to click the box in the lower right to open to a new window. Even better, you can resize the larger map to any size and it will automatically scale.

Enough said.