Can we track by zip code?


If we cant, then i think we should be able to.

When ever im at my house, and i see an airplane cruise by 35,000 feet up in the air i always want to know what airline it is…what aircraft and where it’s going…etc.

If i could see which aircraft pass through or near by my town that would be awesome :slight_smile:

I dont know where my town is located on the map in accordance to the airport :confused:


Still trying to decide if I agree with the idea or not. Still processing. On the other hand, if you use the handy dandy tool known as Google Earth to get an idea of where you are located relative to the closest airport to you. If you aren’t sure if there is a smaller airport closer than any larger airport, you can have Google Earth show you all aiports (even some that no longer exist, I have found) that are around you under the “transportation” box. That can give you a better idea of where you are. This way, you can look at the map (and make sure you use the scale at the bottom of the map) and you can get an idea of which aircraft is in your general vicinity.


No indecision here - I’m against the idea of tracking by ZIP Code (note the correct spelling).

If you are near an airport and an aircraft flies over, then look up the nearest airport(s) and look for the time. If the aircraft isn’t blocked then you have a very good chance of finding out what the aircraft is.

If you don’t live near an airport then you won’t be able to tell what aircraft it is because it could be going just about anywhere. ZIP Code tracking won’t help because ZIP Code areas can be as small as a building or as large as many square miles.


Simple process to fix.

Go to type in your zip code and presto, you have a list of airports closest to your zipcode. Click on the airport closest to you and presto, you have a map which is centered on the airport along with other airport info goodies.

Now, if you are directionally challenged, then there is nothing we can do over the internet to help you. :smiley:



Oh, God forbid there is a feature that makes it easier for me, right? Well. If you can do this already fine, thats good for you but adding a track by zip code would make it easier for me so I dont need to go search for an airport and relate it to my house. If you dont like it then dont use it… you dont have to ruin it for the people who actually would use it like me.

Maybe if it had a range in miles that you can select it would be more exact for you.

OH!!! How could I mispell “ZIP” Code!!! Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I would be REALLY screwed if someone didn’t understand what I ment. So everyone who is confused and dosen’t know that ZIP code is the same thing as zip code, please extend your thanks to Mr. damiross for clarifying the major detail. Im so sorry to anyone who didn’t understand what I ment. :unamused:


After processing for a minute (and finishing a project for work) I agree with dami based on the inconsistant size of a ZIP code.



Ok well all i want is something that can give me information about the aircraft that i see right now flying outside my window.

I just want to know what airline, what aircraft, and where they are going.

how would you set that up?


I’m sorry…A what? damiross can you help me out here?


Welcome aboard, carpetrug01. I’m David, also known as the resident spell-checker, typo-checker, and nit-picker.

If you are interested in tracking aircraft then how can you not know the nearest airport to where you live? Look at a map and you’ll find where the nearest airports are to you.

I stand by my statement that unless an aircraft is landing or departing from a nearby airport you will not be able to determine which aircraft it is by having the ability to track by ZIP Code. Additionally, there are thousands of ZIP Codes throughout the nation. Why should valuable processing time be used when you can just put in an airport name?

It would be nice to be able to track by entering a latitude and a longitude (to the nearest whole degree) because many flight plans are filed with a latitude/longitude point in them.

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wow typo corrector?

I really hate people like you who point those things out. Were not going to get along.


O drama!!!


OK, what you would really probably like to see is something that is in the works already. It has been requested (on multiple occasions in one way or another) the need for either filters, mouseovers for aircraft that don’t have any info around the cute little green/blue aircraft on the maps, or for each aircraft to have the info (which has been determined to most likely not happen because of space issues when you get around busy airports like LAX, ORD, ATL, LGA, JFK, etc.). For now, you can probably look at the aircraft that haven’t reached you yet, rather than what may be perceived as “realtime” in your area. If those have info, by the time you look it up, the aircraft will probably be real close for you to see it.

Oh yeah, take 99% of what nit-picking, jokes, “slams”, and other such things that can’t be communicated with the amount of sarcasm that an actual voice can, with a grain of salt. Remember, if we pick on you, or make fun of you, it means we like you.


Lighten up already! As implied elsewhere, this is suppose to be a fun place. We only pick on those we love. :smiley:

I have an extra keyboard, carpetrug01, if you’d like to use it. It still as the apostrophe* on it.

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soo u maen taht evenn if we c teh aircreft on th e trakor map thing w3 cant finde whaet airlien and tyep of aircrafte it is?
Correct that. now.


First of all, that was just dumb.

Second, to answer your question, it all depends. Not all aircraft, mainly beause of space on the map, have the info you need to get the rest of your answers. Typically, most aircraft on a tracking map will have the N-number or airline with flight number, the altitude and airspeed, along with the aircraft type. Once you have the n-number or airline flight number, you can plug it into the flight tracker boxes on the left and you will get your “to/from” answer.

My parents are teachers, so it wasn’t that hard to decypher.


So you mean that even if we see the aircraft on the tracking map we can’t find out what airline and type of aircraft it is.

My reply:
What I’m saying is that if an aircraft is at cruising altitude then it would be difficult, if not impossible, to determine which aircraft it is by looking at the tracking map. The map - and all data in FlightAware - is delayed by 5-6 minutes so what you are looking at is not what is on the current map. There could also be several aircraft in the area so which one is which?

In other words, in order to be absolutely positive about matching an aircraft with the map you should be able to see the aircraft has more than just a shiny spot in the sky.


k well its not that hard if its the only aircraft in the area flying over the spot where my house is. Also if it is a tiny dot with a jet stream its not gonna be a little turboprop so if i look one up and thats what i get, i know to search again. sometimes they dont have any numbers though so i cant look it up.

ugh im just gonna get my own radar.


Best idea you’ve had yet!


Your attitude sucks, correct that now!

Read the FAQs.

Read some of the earlier posts asking for similar functions to be added and the responses explaining why they can’t.

Even if your request were somehow implemented, there’s still the small matter that not all aircraft can be tracked due to blocking.

Your request is impractical for reasons already given.

Once you get older than 12 or so, which for you I estimate will be on your next birthday, you’ll realize that you can’t have everything you simply want.


I have no interest in correcting my attitude for your satisfaction.

I dont read FAQs. I do control F for zip code and when nothing comes up, I post. And im not going to go through all of the previous topics ever made on these forums… especially when there is no search.

And just so you know i usually do get whatever i want. Except in cases like these where i dont have control of the people i request things from…