managing nationwide map


I hesitate using another service to compare Flightaware to, but…

IS there a way to configure Flightware graphics to show a more user friendly regional or nationwide map to track all flights, a la FlightExplorer? The local airport maps are excellent, But I can’t seem to get similar quality or functionality on a regional or national scale…


Absolutely – it’s on the way. We have it on our development systems and it’s in the works and looking good. Click to zoom or scale as well as selections for what aircraft to display based on identifier, origin, destination, altitude (above, below, equal to), aircraft type, the works.


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Thanks looking excellent Daniel! Can’t wait to see it implemented!

The way all the requests are being introduced will surely mean that will be the King of the trackers in no time at all! Excellent work!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: