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I am new to this site and am wondering if or how I can view an entire map of the U.S. that shows aircraft in flight. A map other than the one with the tiny red dots. Also is there a way to move a local map in any direction? Similar to what you can do with mapquest. My viewing intrests are not really particular on any specific airline or type of aircraft. I would simply like to see what all is up there at any givin time.


Ah, yes. The “Pan & Zoom Map”. It is a great mystery here on FlightAware. I have been gone a while, but I believe it is the “In the Works” file for these guys.

As usual, FA Gurus (and Allen or Dami…sorry, couldn’t pass that up), feel free to correct me***

Anyway, welcome to FlightAware (FA). Feel free to browse around and you will soon catch on to the underlying jokes that are thrown around randomly in posts.

***Edited for better wording.


Welcome viking84

This is a frequently asked enhancement and the folks that are building this fine website says it’s in the works.

Stay tuned :smiley:



You mentioned the wrong name, I don’t treat people that way. :wink:


I know. It was that or "smack me upside the head and say “What the hell are you taking about?”. Figured that didn’t work either, so I just went with something simple…I need another drink…