New - Powerful, interactive, automatic cycling airport maps

FlightAware is proud to announce next-generation, clickable airport maps (examples: KLAX, KHOU, KTEB) with panning, zooming, configurable layers, flight selection, table highlighting, and much more.

When viewing any airport page, you can now zoom to the area that you’re interested in seeing and hover your mouse over a flight in the map or over a flight in the “En Route” or “Departures” table on the web page to focus on that flight:

If you don’t hover or click anywhere, the map will automatically cycle through all the airborne flights so that you can see the data block (ident, altitude, groundspeed, origin, destination) for every flight that is to/from the airport the airport that you’re looking at.

Not only can you select different base maps (e.g., earth view, sectionals, etc) and NEXRAD weather, but you can configure which flights are displayed. Click the “+” box in the upper right corner and select Inbound, Outbound, and/or Vicinity (nearby) flights. Previously, all were displayed and it could clutter the map with more information than you were looking for.

We hope that you enjoy the new airport maps and that they improve your FlightAware experience.

If you’re interested in a commercial version of this application for FBOs with fuel information, visit frequency, and more, please contact us for more information.