Historical flight viewing and other improvements


In the early morning hours of April 14th, 2006, the FlightAware team released new features, improvements and data updates for the FlightAware.com web site.

The most major improvement is the added ability to view flight information and maps for all past flights (currently, roughly 20,000,000 and growing daily). This has been a frequently requested feature from FlightAware’s users and is an exciting addition to FlightAware’s powerful flight tracking interface. You can now click on a past flight in the activity log (either by clicking the date of the flight on the left side of the activity log or “hovering” over the flight history line and clicking on it) to view all the flight information and map.

The links to past flights also provide a permanent URL to that flight so that you can bookmark or link to the flight and know that it will not be replaced with the most recent flight (as has been the case in the past). For example, if you look up AAL3 and either click on the April 10th flight or right-click & select “copy link location” on “10-Apr-2006,” you’ll receive the following URL, flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL3 … /KJFK/KLAX, which is a permanent link in history to AAL’s KJFK-KLAX flight on 2006-04-10 with a 16:12Z departure.

The new improvements offer an intuitive interface that provides clear visual cues to immediately indicate what flight is being displayed even to a user unfamiliar with FlightAware’s interface. The visual cues not only affect viewing past flights, but also indicate which flight is being displayed in a circumstance when future flights may be already scheduled although not actively tracked yet.

We’ve also made a number of minor interface changes and design improvements that add polish as well as increase interface and design consistency throughout the site. A number of small glitches have been fixed such as a map problem when tracking flights between Hawaii and the continental United States.

FAA/NACO terminal procedures such as airport diagrams, approach plates, etc. (Example: LAX LOC/ILS 24R were updated Tuesday evening with the new distribution that was effective 2006-Apr-13 09:01 UTC and valid through 2006-May-11 09:01 UTC.

If you haven’t done so already, please check out the airport resources section and make sure that your local FBOs are listed. All registered members can add or edit information, so please contribute to FlightAware by updating any fuel prices that you know about so that we can offer the most complete and objective FBO & fuel price database on the Internet.

Many more new features and improvements that weren’t ready for this release are in development or in quality testing, so keep an eye out for future announcements!

Thanks for using FlightAware, the most popular flight tracking service.