Wis. Gov. Scott Walker

Does anyone know how he has been flying the state? 2/28 he was in Lacrosse, KLSE, and Superior, KSUW. I know tail #'s of three state pc12’s, but none match travel on 2/28. I also cannot find a pattern from Dane Cty. to these airports. Is he flying a charter with a blocked #?? Thanks, jpping (Oshkosh)

Hopefully he’s flying with a blocked tail number so the union thugs and idiots can’t track him.

Here’s one coming into LSE on the evening of the 27th (maybe he spent the night?)

flightaware.com/live/flight/N395 … /KSTP/KLSE

Also, this article said Superior was a “surprise visit”,

northlandsnewscenter.com/new … 20653.html

so maybe he flew commercial in and out of Duluth to avoid tracking?

Well, sadly, Rw812, those “union thugs” have been at the airports the whole time. Ground control, local control, clearance delivery. And in the local approach controls and at MSP center. Union thugs.


And, probably a few union thugs in the six person security detail for the good Governor, too. State police union thugs, but still thugs, of course.


The Gov had the good sense to exempt the thugs with guns from his draconian union-busting measures.

I’m sure the Koch brothers have him set up with a fine aircraft.

Guess I’m just a union thug, also…:slight_smile:

Pentagon waste last year was $172 Billion. That is enough to pay the annual salary and benefits for every K-12 teacher in the United States. So there are thugs, and there are THUGS.

A lot of the Pentagon “waste” is caused by Congress making the military order stuff they don’t need just because the companies making them happen to be in their districts.
Example: new engines for F-35

In any case, education is NOT the job of the federal government. That, per the Constitution’s 10th amendment, is something the states do, not the feds.