WINK14 Air Force plane circling Fort Lauderdale?

New to FlightAware and I watched this plane slowly circle my house all day at about 20,000 feet the first weekend my setup was up and running. Took off from McDill AFB, so it must have been some kind of military activity. I did get a good view of it on a direct pass overhead and it looked to have some kind of giant radar dome on top of the back half of the fuselage. Neat stuff!

Welcome aboard
Airframes thinks it’s a KC 10

Flying gas station for some training?
Airframes is good for checking registrations

Was Trump in Florida on that weekend? Maybe that KC-10 was supporting the fighter aircraft patrolling the TFR over Trump’s Florida home.

Here in the Chicago area when Obama was in town, I could visually see and hear fighter aircraft overhead patrolling the TFR. Occasionally, I would spot a KC-135 circling to support the fighters. My ADS-B receiver would pick up the KC-135s, but never the fighters.


He was! I thought of that but couldn’t think of why such a large unarmed craft would be needed to protect the area. I didn’t think of it working in conjunction with smaller fighters on standby…

Lots of cool activity around here! The Goodyear blimp is housed just north of Fort Lauderdale. They take it out for a walk up and down the beach every couple days. Also a lot of international traffic to & from Cuba and the Bahamas. Fun stuff!


Yep! Trump’s back in town this weekend and look who’s back with him…