goodyear blimp


goodyear blimp just flew over my house. Can’t locate it on flight aware. I searched for type or airship, then by operator ( goodyear), nothing on either of them. How would I find its path.


I strongly doubt FA will track this, but we shall see. Give me the nearest airport around you please.

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KPBI. Im sure it is going to pompano beach airpark, but cant find it there either as an arrival. It is based there.


I don’t think any of the blimps in the US fly IFR, so we can’t track them.


Ive seen goodyear blimps tracked here before. It was part of a thread a couple of months ago.


just replied to a former post. My question was answered. See other goodyear blimp post. thanks!


You are correct about the tracking of these, but unfortuently this one isn’t flying IFR. I will keep a look out for anymore.

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CONTROLLER: “… expect further clearance in 30 minutes, you’re number two for the ILS behind Blimp One Zero Alpha, he’s just crossing the outer marker now.”


Pilot: Are you positive we can’t just leave now… we might as well shutdown the engines. "Flight Attendants please feed the passengers their in-flight snacks now we might be here for awhile.
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I live about 10 minutes away from one of the blimps, and know one of the pilots. We frequently fly on top of it as it’s often hanging out at 2500 feet around the area. It is IFR capable and often practices approaches around the area.


N3A is the Akron Ship, while i believe N2A is FL based.