Goodyear Blimps

The blimps occasionally file IFR…they seem to cancel pretty quickly, though. Probably just punching through a marine layer. … /KOAK/KSNS … /KDPA/KMQJ

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N10A flew over my house a few weeks ago.

Hey, I live in Carson,CA the same city as Goodyear’s L.A. blimp. And I’m within Walking distance of the Home Depot Center. So that loud blimp flies over me all the time. I can live without either of them. :frowning:I’m also too near the intersection of 3 badly marked freeways where the newscopters buzz me. But the rent is cheap! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sucks to be you, I guess! :stuck_out_tongue:
I wish they flew over me all the time.

This leads me to believe one of several things

  1. The blimps go down the street right outside your door - like, no more than 3 feet from it.

  2. You have the world’s best ears and can hear a pin drop at 2 miles.

  3. You have average hearing but for some reason have hearing aides to increase your hearing ability.

  4. You hare actually confusing the helicopter noises with the sounds of the blimp.

  5. The blimps have gone 21st century and have replaced their engines with jets.

What I’m getting at is that the blimps I’ve heard are relatively quiet. I’d love to live near the blimp base.

I guess they should have used blimps in that Budweiser commercial. But than again, there are no NFL teams called the Blimps.

Link to commercial:

- YouTube)

Apparently the Goodyear blimps can be quite noisy. I was at Santa Monica airport last week and had a conversation with Mario Fabila the Operations/Noise Supervisor. In sharing stories he spoke about one of the Goodyear ships making a low pass down the runway. He said it was a pretty cool sight, but in doing so it exceeded the maximum decibel level and set off the alarm of one of the noise monitors. Oops…no more airships at SMO… Another aircraft that is not allowed to operate at SMO is the P180 Avanti…No SMO for cfijames :frowning:

I don’t believe that the Starship is allowed to operate in and out of there either for much the same reason the P180 isn’t…that damn exhaust into the prop thing. Ah well…I didn’t want to pay the ramp fee anyway! LOL


Our SOP’s call for noise abatement procedures whenever safety allows it. Namely, whenever the terrain or conditions will allow for the reduced climb rate with the reduced power and prop RPM. We climb at 140kts to 400 ft, then we reduce power to 80% and bring the props back from 2000 to 1800, accelerating to between 160 and 180 normally. We bring the props back to 2000 RPM at 4000ft. If the departure is over water or we need the performance we’ll forgo the noise abatement for better climb.

That’s interesting James. Ours is similar, but different speeds and prop speeds…I always wondered if we were similar in that regard or not; it appears that we are.


Yeah…Now that Atlantic Aviation has taken over the FBO from Supermarine there is a pricey “handling fee” (if you don’t take a certain fuel uplift), in addition to the landing fee assessed by the city of Santa Monica. :unamused:

knew I saw it somewhere. This one near PBI must not be IFR. He was low, as arrivals to PBI come over my house as they make their turn to the east to land.