T-38 Flew Overhead and Circled a few times

Any idea what this plane (ICAO ADFFC4) was doing? It was mostly between 1500 and 4000 feet, according to MLAT, which I know can be way off, but that matched what I saw. It’s a Monday, so I don’t think anything involving Circuit of the Americas was going on and it seems odd to be circling over the airport.

USAF Training Aircraft,doing practice approaches,see them all the time over my house from a local USAF Base,doing VFR and IFR approaches.They may do multiple approaches and other times just shoot one approach and gone depends on traffic at the airport.

Since the course was short, he wasn’t practicing instruments, it was more likely missed approaches or touch-n-goes, although fighters don’t do a lot of touch-n-goes with puny little tires.

The long courses are usually instrument approaches, working with ATC.

In my day you had to have so many approaches per month to stay current. If you fell out of currency you had to find an instructor pilot to re-qualify you.

The B-2 pilots have T-38’s available, because they can’t remain current with only a few B-2’s that are always broke or on alert. Not sure about the B-1 gomers, but I hear they only have 19 planes that can fly. The rest are broke or torn apart for parts.