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Windows 8 version

Any plans for a Windows Phone 8 version? I’ve been using a version on my Windows 8 phone but am not really satisfied with it. I’d like to be able to see

  • Aircraft listed on the flights list (i.e. shouldn’t have to open the flight to find aircraft type)
  • Correct positioning of the arrival/departure indicators on the airports screen. Here’s what I get:

For arrivals:
JetBlue 91
Departs KOAK KJFK arrives not available KOAK
(this indicates the flight is departing KOAK for KJFK, not the other way around)

for departures:
Horizon 574A
depart KPDX KOAK estimated arrival not available KPDX
En Route / On Time
(the flight is departing KOAK, not KPDX as indicated by the display)

Also get lots of “can’t display map”, even when I’m using Wi-Fi for my connection.

It would also be nice to get be able to pin a flight or airport to a Live Tile.