Windows Phone 7 & 8

Just downloaded the Windows Phone 7.8 app. Really like it, but would like to suggest some enhancements. These would also apply to Windows Phone 8 (if its not already there).

  1. Allow us to pin individual flights to the start screen
  2. Enable live tiles to show status, etc.

You can already pin flights and airports to the home screen in the Windows 8 tablet app. Unfortunately, there are no current plans to make any additional revisions to the Windows Phone app until we feel the userbase there has increased more.

The number of Windows 8 phones is increasing daily, especially outside of the USA. As a Windows 8 phone user and one who will never own an iPhone, I would like to see the Windows 8 Phone app maintained and upgraded. Who knows? Maybe FlightAware will cause Windows 8 Phone usage to increase even more.

I heartily agree! Even though I am on 7.8 now, I will be moving to 8 as soon as my contract ends. The quality of the phone & OS is so superior to everything else out there! I can understand not supporting 7.8, but not supporting 8? Especially if you are also already fully supporting Windows 8!

Any news on Flightaware app for Windows 8.1? What I’m using now sucks. Our company just changed to WP8.1. It’s very nice and powerful and I like it better than the iP5. We still use iPad/Foreflight for flying.

Anyone have a list of good aviation or flying apps for Windows Phone 8.1?

The application for windows phone needs urgent upgrade, not all airports can be found, and to activate alert for any flight, the application closes.
(Sorry for my bad english)

What version of Windows Phone and what device type is it crashing on?

Nokia Lumia 520 - Windows Phone 8.1

These functions help a lot in improving the app

For accounts Premium, Premium + and Enterprise:
-Change Map style
-Remove advertisements
-Listing nearest airports

All users:
-Listing nearest airports

(sorry for bad english)