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Suggestion: FlightAware map application for Roku players

I would like to suggest creating a FlightAware app for the Roku player. I think it would be great to be able to have a live-updated tracking map on my TV when I’m planning to pick up friends from the airport. Alerts, such as delays or cancellations, can pop up as an overlay, or a sidebar could show flight status.


Sega Genesis too?

If this is feasible, I think a lot of FBO’s would take advantage of it.

Before making apps for more devices I think the current devices with apps (especially Windows Phone 8 - WP8) need to be improved in order for them to actually be of use. More times than not I find myself going to the full site on my WP8 in order to get information from FlightAware because the WP8 FlightAware app isn’t up to displaying information in a user friend way. Examples:

Can’t update My Airports without actually opening an airport then tapping add. How about allowing additions/subtractions from the My Airports (My Aircraft. etc) page?

Arrivals, departures, etc., are really not user friendly. Here’s what is displayed when I click on, say, arrivals:

Southwest 428  <- this line is okay[/list]
departs KOAK KLAS ! arrives; not available OAK - this implies the aircraft departs KOAK for KLAS.  arrives (?) not available OAK...
Arrived - but it shows the aircraft arrived.  (Notice no aircraft type is shown - a vital thing for a quick overview)

Here’s the en route/scheduled section
Southwest 2075 <- okay

depart KOAK KSNA ! estimated arrival not available KOAK <- first part is okay but obviously there's no arrival time in KOAK because it's departing KOAK.
En Route/On Time <- would be nice to have the aircraft shown

What I’m getting at is that the first page should have a complete, accurate, easy-to-read summary. Example of an arrival:

Southwest 428  B737-700
KLAS dep 1715 PST KOAK arr 18:30 PST

There’s other stuff that could be fixed but I’m getting ready to take the Jeopardy online quiz so I don’t have time to detail them!

Stay tuned for an FBO TV product.

Pun intended??

Those are completely different requests and really should be in separate threads.

The FBO product may be nice, but at $90/month, it isn’t really what a home consumer is looking for. I would like to see a simple app, similar to the ones already available for iPhone, iPad, Android, etc., for the Roku.

In case you haven’t noticed, Flightaware is a privately-held company which is providing a number of tools that are mutually advantageous to them and the user community. They are not a provider of free entertainment.

Piaware, an offshoot of their Flightfeeder product is a case in point. They essentially gave away and maintain the software so some thousands of interested individuals can track aircraft. In return, they receive data from areas to help fill in the global picture. They have also provided quality antennas and filters at cost to improve the returned data. Both the user community and FA benefit. At some point, distribution beyond a certain point is not economical.

For people running piaware feeders, FA provides a complementary Enterprise account which would otherwise might generate $89/mo in revenue. They forgo that revenue which gives some idea of how they see the value of the data.

I don’t think you will see a product that will run on a legacy Commodore 64, TRS 80, Apple LISA, or a wide range of other platforms.

In case you hadn’t noticed, they have free apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. I’m merely making a suggestion that they add one for the Roku (a current device, as opposed to the Commodore 64, etc.). This being the “Feature Requests and Ideas” forum, it seemed like a reasonable place to post it. If it offends you, well, that’s your problem. Deal with it.