Windows 10 Logging Software


Visual plane spotters log their sightings. Do ADS-B monitors log theirs? If so, any software recommendation?

I use VRS, and it has reporting capabilities, but I would prefer a separate standalone package.

There is always Excel, I guess, but something specifically designed for the job would be nice.

In addition to the above, how can I access the data I feed/fed Flightaware?



You can add a database plugin to VRS.

Modes2mixer and some of the other feeders may be able to do something similar.


I spent a lot of time with that plugin. I thought the changes were embedded in the SQB file. When I moved the VRS installation to another PC, preserving the database, all my ‘work’ was gone. It reverted to standard silhouettes, banners, etc. Unless I missed something, it’s not what I’m looking for.

I saw mentions of Modes2mixer in my Google searches. I was playing with acarsdeco2 and modesdeco2 this past weekend, and saw this file on the same webpage I downloaded the other two.

Not specifically for ADS-B, but with good reviews, is Spot2Log. I’ll download the demo version for a spin.

Excel may end up being the solution.