Will this be the first AA 777-200 in the new colors?




Which flight AAL9961 are you talking about?

To put it another way, bizzarebananablast, grow up, stop being a lazy a** and use the correct link for your postings… It’s really not that hard, it’s the polite thing to do, and it makes it easier for your readers to know which flight you are talking about.




The link works for me.



And me. On an iPad, iPhone, and a PC.


meesterrussian, bizarrebananablast: What neither one of you are getting is that the link provided is generic link. What happens when I come back tomorrow and there has been 3 more flights under the flight number and they are all 777s? How the hell do I know which on you are talking about?

Now, let me give you a step by step procedure for getting the permanent link (“permalink”). I’ll type slow so you can follow.

  1. Determine which browser you are using
  2. Right click on the date of the flight
    a. If you are using Firefox select the option that says Copy Link Location. Go to step 3
    b. If you are using Internet Explorer select the option that says Copy Shortcut. Go to step 3
    c. If you are using Chrome select the option that says Save Link As.
  3. Paste the link obtained in Step 2a, 2b, or 2c into your posting.

Now you have a link that anyone can access at anytime in the future and know exactly which flight you are talking about in your posting.

Let’s jump ahead to October 11, 2013
I have come upon your posting. "Oh! Look! A posting about the first 777-200 to be painted in the ugly new colors. Let me click the link that this bizarre person has posted. " I click the link. “What is this guy talking about? All of the aircraft operating under flight number 9961 are 737’s. I don’t see a single 777, much less a 777-200, shown. Oh, this guy must be on drugs.”

Now, if you had placed the permalink into the posting I would click the permalink. When that page shows up I would say “Wow! This bizarre guy is really smart! He found the link to the flight of the first 777-200 to be painted in the new (but not really my cup of tea) colors of American Airlines! I must find other postings by this really smart guy and see what other knowledge I can learn from him.”


Well, thank you for that, but, couldn’t you assume that it was the VCV flight considering that’s where they do paint?


You are really missing the point. Not everyone checks this site every day. And, yes, smarty pants, I could assume which flight he was talking about if I checked the same day. But, consider this. It’s now the end of March. Bringing up the generic link that bizarre did shows the following:

29-Mar-2013     B772/Q     Dallas/Forth Intl (KDF)                So California Logistics (KVC)      18:01 CDT        18:58 PDT          2:57
28-Mar-2013 	MD83/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	09:32 CST 	10:18 CST 	0:46
27-Mar-2013 	MD83/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	09:32 CST 	10:18 CST 	0:46
26-Mar-2013 	MD83/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	09:32 CST 	10:18 CST 	0:46
25-Mar-2013 	MD83/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	09:32 CST 	10:18 CST 	0:46
24-Mar-2013 	MD83/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	09:32 CST 	10:18 CST 	0:46
23-Mar-2013 	MD83/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	09:32 CST 	10:18 CST 	0:46
22-Mar-2013 	MD83/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	09:32 CST 	10:18 CST 	0:46
21-Mar-2013 	MD83/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	09:32 CST 	10:18 CST 	0:46
20-Mar-2013 	MD83/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	09:32 CST 	10:18 CST 	0:46
19-Mar-2013 	MD83/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	09:32 CST 	10:18 CST 	0:46
18-Mar-2013 	B772/Q 	Dallas/Fort Worth Intl (KDFW) 	So California Logistics (KVCV) 	20:01 CDT 	20:58 PDT 	2:57
07-Mar-2013 	B762/Q 	John F Kennedy Intl (KJFK) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	22:37 EST 	00:28 CST (+1) 	2:51
25-Feb-2013 	MD83/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	09:32 CST 	10:18 CST 	0:46
15-Feb-2013 	B763/Q 	Dallas/Fort Worth Intl (KDFW) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	08:56 CST 	09:35 CST 	0:39
02-Feb-2013 	B772/Q 	John F Kennedy Intl (KJFK) 	Dallas/Fort Worth Intl (KDFW) 	16:43 EST 	18:58 CST 	3:15
18-Jan-2013 	B738/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	15:26 CST 	17:04 CST 	1:38
19-Dec-2012 	MD82/Q 	Tulsa Intl (KTUL) 	Dallas/Fort Worth Intl (KDFW) 	12:52 CST 	13:44 CST 	0:52

The flight on 18 Mar (the one bizarre is allegedly talking about) now longer shows. It would be logical (look it up if you don’t know the meaning of “logical”) to assume that the flight he was talking about was the one on 29 March and not the one on 18 March.

And don’t even get me started on the rudeness and laziness of entering a subject line but not mentioning it in the body of the posting!


Still shows for me…


Last time for el denso out there!

Let’s pretend that today is 21 March 2013.
You are looking through the postings to find COA charters.
On 17 March I posted that there was a COA B735 at HBG. You don’t know what time of day I posted it. But, I did give you a link to the flight: flightaware.com/live/flight/COA1840

However, the posting was at 01:00 CDT. You find this posting at 08:20 CDT. You look through the listings (have to go to the more listing) and see the flight. Look! Here it is! However, you are wrong! You assume I was talking about flightaware.com/live/flight/COA … /KIAH/KPIB

This is my last post on this subject in this thread because obviously meesterrussian is either unable or unwilling to grasp the concept of a permalink.



It’s weird that flightawares blocking system doesn’t work, I used it a long time ago…


You don’t have to come on here and start whining about something that has nothing to do with you! :angry:



You have a great future in customer service! Not!

In the first place, how do you know that I’m not located at or near KVCV? I could be the one who could confirm your question. It would be courteous of you to provide good data, not generic data, to help those who want to help you. (Yes, I realize this is the 21st century and the youth of today have NO concept of the idea of courtesy.)

This board has many members that are in actively employed in the airline industry. There are many others who are spotters who can also help you. By you providing good data (e.g. a permalink) you help those who may not be viewing the board at the exact time you are posting your question. It may be a couple of days or a week or longer before they get on the board. By that time several more flights could have been flown under the generic flight ID you provided. These people aren’t going to scroll through the flights to find out which one you are talking about. As a result you don’t get a answer.



Yea, I know, RECOR10. Unfortunately, I’m looking for a job right now so arguing on the Internet is a good way to take a break from the job search.


Bah! Who needs a job? Claim you have PTSD go on disability and live off the man - man. :mrgreen:


Dang dude i totally get your point about creating a permlink, but do you seriously have to do it in such a douche way?

its not that big of a deal man.


Yes, I do! :smiley: :frowning: :slight_smile: :astonished: 8) 8)