UAL 922 diverting

UAL 922 IAD - EGLL diverting back to IAD from New Foundland area, 900 miles out of IAD. No reason given from UA. :question:

Don’t you just hate it when you get information on a flight but no link?

Original Flight: … /KIAD/EGLL

Return to IAD: … /KIAD/KIAD

vtpaul: Welcome to the FlightAware forum. Please try to get the URL of individual flights that you are posting a comment about. It makes it much easier to locate (just click on the link), especially in the days and months after your original posting.

yeah man, It’s such a hassle to tab over to flight/tail number and type in “UAL922” . Jeez. I think there are bigger hills to die upon!

Links would be helpful, yes.



You’ve been Damirossed!!!

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There’s one in every crowd. :wink:

Well said!

Well said!

It’s a matter of convenience for the reader. I try to include a link every time.

When a link is included, a new window or a new tab is opened. That way you can keep the forum screen opened AND have the link referred to open at the same time with one click. No having to click the browser back button to see the original posting.

In other words, it’s more efficient and nicer to the user. Even vtpaul, the original poster, agreed.

Additionally, if you would re-read my posting, you would see that I said it is easier to locate the specific flight in the days and months after the original posting. What if you read the posting next week. By that time, the flight has operated several times. Now you have to go to a second screen because FlightAware only shows the last three flights on the page. Then you have to look through several lines of flights to find the exact one the poster was talking about. Finally, if the flight diverted more than once, you still aren’t 100% sure of which one the poster was talking about. You could look at the date of the posting and the date of the diversion but are you sure the poster was posting about the flight on the same day as the diversion.

I wasn’t welcomed to flight aware the first i was time damirossed :astonished: . lol

Newfoundland. We left the Old Foundland some time ago. :wink:

Sorry, I can’t be everywhere.

The point is, you’ve got people coming on to this board just wanting to join in the conversation, and then you throw out these smart , ahem, alec comments to make them feel right at home :unamused: . Use some tact.

Additionally, if you would re-read my posting, you would see that I said it is easier to locate the specific flight in the days and months after the original posting. What if you read the posting next week.

Send me a link to the spot where you said it, and I’ll look at it. It’s much more convenient if I could get to that part right away instead of reading through all the filler. Besides, when the world has stopped spinning, and there is no link :laughing: , you can choose the date on that particular flight number and view the flight in question, and surely someone will have posted the link by that point.

The thing is this, we’re aviation fans, professionals, geeks etc…it’s an inclusive group in the fact that we’re into this crazy industry, hobby, lifestyle, include those who are into what we are into, don’t be a jerk when they want to participate.

By the way CLT…I’m sorta new myself, but welcome!


I thought I was being tactful - opening with a joke then explaining nicely why a link should be put in, as indicated by the **bold **type above.

So, uh, why did it divert?

Do we have to use bold type? It’s so, ah, bold!

And, is it “New’-found-land,” emphasis on the first syllable, or “New-found-land’,” emphasis on the last syllable?

Can’t wait for someone with nerve enough to try to explain why UA922 may have diverted! NOT!

So funny I forgot to laugh!

It must not have been very important or they would have diverted to a nearby airport. Had it been a matter of national security I doubt they would fly all the way back to IAD, right? Probably forgot the first officer.

Problems with communication equipment. I originally thought that the pilot had a feeling he left his stove on at home. :wink:

Cadors Number: 2008A0221 Reporting Region: Atlantic

Occurrence InformationOccurrence Type: Incident Occurrence Date: 2008/02/18
Occurrence Time: 1650 Z Day Or Night: day-time
Fatalities: 0 Injuries: 0

Canadian Aerodrome ID: Aerodrome Name:
Occurrence Location: Approximately 80 Nautical Miles West of STEAM Province:
Country: CANADA World Area: North America

Aircraft navigation/communication equipment

UAL922, Boeing 767-300, enroute from Washington (KIAD) to London (EGLL), reported navigation problems and requested to return to Washington. The aircraft was given clearance to return with no further assistance required. Nil TSB

Hey those INTL UA guys are doin ok, If I lived in that caliber of house, I’d probably hafta turn the boat around and double check too!

Obviously there are tons of redundant systems, but the first thing that came to mind when you said communications equipment was the thought of a UA 767 going lost comm.