Will not install on Hero200, Droid 2.1


I was happy to get the email about the beta finally being ready, and being able to test it. Unfortunately after 5 different installs, restarting, etc. all I get is a force close when I try to start the app. Oh well…


Don’t take this personally, but this most likely relates to the fact that the Hero/Eris series of phones are effectively dinosaurs by today’s Android phone standards - particularly in the RAM and processor departments.

Due to the various models of the Hero family having seriously out-dated hardware specs (compared to today’s newer phones), the carriers went through all sorts of grief meeting customer demand to even get Android 2.1 functioning properly on those things - let alone Android 2.2.

There were, of course, Android users all over the world that assumed that Android 2.2 would be made available for that device series by the carriers. A good portion of that can be attributed to the underground Android scene creating custom 2.2 ROMs for the Hero and Eris that worked. The problem was, they didn’t work up to the standards that the carriers would require if they were going to put their stamp of approval on it and were going to agree to support it.

From the looks of it, there are still people out there fighting the good fight (I suppose) and some folks are even running 2.3 on their old Hero and Eris phones. That’s determination if I’ve ever seen it.

Those devices were spectacular in their time, but were now at a point where they didn’t have the horsepower and were (are) just outright slow compared to the newer devices. The carriers were already releasing newer devices that smoked them in terms of hardware specs (the Incredible and Evo, for example) and it was time to start aiming for the “end-of-life” date for the Hero/Eris series. A 528MHz processor and 288MB of RAM wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

More information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTC_Hero#HTC_2.1_Update_Release_and_Carrier_Issues

It is certainly safe to say that you’re long overdue for a device upgrade from your carrier, my friend. :neutral_face:



To log the launching failures could you download this app and post or send me the logs right after the launch fails?


The new version seems to be working great. It would be nice thought if there was some way to create flight alerts, not just view/edit them though.


You can, from any flight page.


Is it something that has to be set up based on the aircraft I have listed in myFlightaware? If so, that’s the problem, I can’t list all the airplanes I fly, and only want alerts on 1 at a time.