Android app (Build 2) - All functions now broken on my phone


Installed build #2 on my Thunderbolt when I got home from work last night…and so far, the app is completely broken.

It will now open properly without the need to hold the phone sideways, but that’s all I’ve been able to test at this point as nothing else within the app works anymore.

Whenever I open the ‘Nearby’ map, I’m shown the standard satellite image of my surrounding area, but no green aircraft icons appear (as they did in Build #1). Also, whenever I attempt to switch the map view to the standard blue map, the app will force-close.

I’ve talked with two other beta testers about this (so far today) that are having this same force-close issue on their devices (one has a Sprint HTC Evo Shift, another is using a Verizon HTC Thunderbolt). The guy with the Evo Shift mentioned that he is getting the green aircraft icons on the satellite image when he opens the ‘Nearby’ map on his phone, which is at least partially correct.

The ‘Login’ function doesn’t work anymore. When using my proper FlightAware username/password, I’m given a pop-up message of “Unable to login to FlightAware”.

The functionality of the ‘Track By Flight Number’, ‘Track By Tail Number’ and ‘Search By Flight Route’ menu options have all completely died. Whenever I try to use any of these options, the “Loading Aircraft” screen will quickly flash by and then a result of “No Flights to Display” is returned. This is the case when entering a new flight/aircraft to track or when clicking on a recent track from the list provided.

In a few moments I will be sending an ADB debug log to the beta team’s e-mail address. This log will contain all phone activity from the time I first open the app through the force-close when I press the “Turn FA Base: OFF” button. It is full of several pages of error messages, fatal exceptions and java issues.

Looking forward to Build #3



Thanks, forwarded your log to the dev team.


I’ve encountered all the issues described by the first poster in this thread too. I’m using Build 2 on an HTC EVO (hardware ver 0003, Android ver 2.3.3). I’ve just installed aLogCat, so I’ll have a log of events for future testing.