Android app Beta testing for version 5.3

We will soon be starting beta testing for the next version of our Android app, version 5.3. There are many bug fixes that are addressed as part of this release.

If you’d like to be part of the beta testing group, please respond in this thread and we’ll add you to the list. We’ll send you an invite to join us by email at the address that you have on file for your FlightAware account.

Thanks for your help!

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Sign me up

I’ll give it a go. A few pages on the current app are unusable.

You’ve been added. Thanks for the help!

I’ll give it a go. Sign me up - if you still require more people.

Yes please. Glad to be a Beta tester.

Id like to take part too.

yes please - sign me up scotty

It’s about
Judging by the reviews, Russian users are very unhappy. However, the problem is not in the application, but mostly in the database that is used Flightaware, VirtualRadar. Regarding the aircraft that fly in Russia, this base is incorrect.

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Glad to be a beta, send it :grin:

Like to try it so yes please, add my name to the list.

Sounds interesting, I’d love to help test the app!

Hope it’s not too late but can you sign me up

Please add me to the beta.


If you need anymore testers count me in.


Expressed interest ages ago but not heard back.

Anything happening with this app?


Might be too late to the party, but if the beta is still going on, I’d be delighted to play with it?


(Wait - I take it back. The app I have from the play store is already 5.3.0. :slight_smile: )

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Sounds interesting, I’d love to help test the app!

Count me in. I have been using the app since December 2017.