Mobile App BETA Testers: Any Updates?

I applied to become a BETA tester last month for iPhone/iPad. I was accepted and asked to send my device ID’s to FA. It’s been a few weeks and I haven’t heard back. Could somebody please provide an update for the status of the BETA program? Thanks!

Hi – we’re probably look at this week or early next week. Sorry for the delay and thanks for following up. Just trying to make it awesome.

I received the Blackberry app Beta today. It has issues, but is on the right track. I have a Storm 2 so the screen is small and a bit clumsy for a touch screen input only.

It would be great to provide a drop down menu with the Blackberry button to be able to select graphic menu items. For example, I have been trying to get to the right most menu item just below the login/logout item. I have been logging in and out this evening and still haven’t gotten to the menu item.

With the Storm 2, there is not a good way to scroll the screen as the little control button is not available as on other models.

A drop down of airlines would be nice (ok).

Rotation and/or hide keyboard while scrolling would be nice on Storm 2 and I think on the new Torch as well.

Blackberry 9700, OS v5.0.0.979
FlightAware 1.0.11
Tested with ATT Network and WiFi

I was able to install and open the application. I then successfully logged into my account.

Clicking on My FlightAware caused an error 2 times. I attempted a 3rd time to write down the error, but it started working. I’m pretty sure it was an error 309.

It took quite a bit of “thinking” for My FlightAware to open. Once opened, clicking on My Airports, My Aircraft and My Alerts did not do anything.

Search by Tail Number:
Search took over 30 seconds. Search results would show the main navigation bar, but the rest of the screen was always blank. Clicking on Nearby Activity gave the same results.

Airport Activity:
I was able to Choose Airport. The airport was shown on the bottom of the screen, but there was no associated information. Clicking on the airport would not do anything.
Under Airport Activity it is confusing to tell if you are hovering over Recent Activity or My Airports. When hovering over Choose Airport and View Airport Delays the link became lighter, but the Recent Airports and My Airports would be darker. I would suggest making them all lighter when hovered over.

View Airport Delays gave an error;
Uncaught exception: Application FlightAware(309) is not responding; process terminated. This was probably the same error I got on My FlightAware the first two attempts.

Basically the application does provide any flight information on my Blackberry. I uninstalled and re-installed with the same results.

I have been accepted as a beta tester for both the BB and the iPad applications. I have been testing the BB on the Storm 2 as well, and until the latest release yesterday, I was unable to use it. It had jerky navigation on the touch screen, and would not accept any entry from the keyboard.

I installed the new version which was emailed yesterday, and it crashed my phone the first three reboots…the fourth time it worked, and the program now appears to work, except for the map, which was slow to load, and did not give a full display.

Looking forward to the iPad app.

Glad to be here!!!

I got v6.0.0.526 for my blackberry and the original application works with that.

The Filed Speed, Altitude and Route text are spaced a little close together.

On the flight map display the plane is at the edge of the screen with only the departure airport shown. It would be nice to see the entire route with and option to zoom.

No crashes with os6.0 installed.

I have the newest version for BB OS 5 on Storm 2. v1.1.4. It works better than my last post.
SERIOUS ISSUE: when signing in with username and password, the CAPS button puts you into the NUMERIC mode always. The only way to get to the alpha keyboard is to click into another box and then click back. Since my password has numbers and CAPS, I can not log in.
SERIOUS ISSUE: it is almost impossible to get the LOGIN yellow to become active while the rest of the buttons are active when scrolled over (with finger of course).
SERIOUS ISSUE: Four menu items appear when rotated and only three when upright. Airport activity is missing in landscape mode.
LESS SERIOUS: the fonts are very very small for flight information, etc. For example, the estimated time for departure and arrival are nearly impossible to read.
MAP: works for some zoom levels but not all. And what are the 4 or 5 little tiny buttons at the bottom of the screens. My maps don’t seem to have speed and alt (sometimes/somtimes not).

Thanks, jdrake2429. We’ve opened up tickets on these issues and will be resolving them soon.

I signed up for the Beta for iOS but didn’t notice/know about a BlackBerry beta. Is there any way to apply to join that beta as well? I’m on on a 9700.


Sure – I will add you to the list so you’ll get the next BB beta release. As for iOS, we’re hoping for an iPhone/iPod beta this week and an iPad beta to follow shortly.

Applied update today. Will see how that version does. Overall you are on the right track

Did a track by tail number and got a “uncaught exception:application flight aware (163) is not responding; process terminated” error blew me out of the application

Loaded Only issue within a few minutes of using it is ads at the top never load images. There’s simply the empty white bar with the red X on the right, and the links work most of the time (but sometimes give “There was an error in launching the ad content”).

When using the “Nearby Activity” function, it seems to geolocate me correctly…but then selecting “Choose Airport” from that screen brings me to the standard airport search screen. I would expect a drop-down menu of nearby airports listed by distance from me, since that’s within the Nearby Activity screen.

No crashes so far though.

BB 9700/OS, tested on WiFi

I received email today with link for the beta test, but on my iPhone I got error ID 1662713
On my iPad iget the message safari unable to download file.

Please try again now. Be sure you’re logged in.

Logged in, still getting safari cannot download file. On the iPhone.

Apple doesn’t support downloading non-store apps directly to the phone, you need to download it on a computer and sync through iTunes.

Installing latest version on BB Storm II crashed the phone. It would not boot, and when it did, the messaging section was corrupted. I had to connect it to BB Desktop, manually delete the application, then reboot and now the phone is back to normal.

I guess I will have to wait for the iPad app to test…sorry guys.

for blackberry, app is slow I’d rather use the internet mobile site

Hi, everyone. Please create a new thread in the mobile section of the forums rather than using this thread to report bugs.