Blackberry App


I wish FlightAware would come up with a slick Blackberry app. I see the iPhone guys are asking for one.

Any Blackberry users here? A FlightAware icon on my Blackberry would be cool and very usefull.





How about just a basic mobile version? something to take a “basic” flight number that pulls up history and the option of seeing the map?


Asked back in Aug 2007.



I would like a version of FlightAware that ran on my BB. No graphics, just input airline and flight number and get status.


I agree 100%. I use my Blackberry all the time to check flight status of family and friends, but (especially) with the new site layout, the site is cumbersome at best. If there was a “” that was a stripped down version with just the flight info or airport arrivals/departures info, instead of all the menus that show up, that would be GREAT. I see this has been posted since August of 2007. . . What’s the status?


As a FlightAware user and a student pilot, an enhanced mobile version would be beneficial. In addition to the flight tracking, the Weather functions for mobile would be useful.


I agree. Probably a mobile browser version would be the most universal. You should be able to check the HTTP headers in order to determine the type of user agent is calling the site.


I agree, It seems that all these apps are being made for the Iphone and us berry users are getting forgotten abt. I would love an app for my black berry. There are other user out there that either can’t or dont want to get an Iphone at this time. We are user too.


I am another vote for a mobile version. Something that should work for everyone… Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, ect

It seems like everyone has a mobile site now…why not flightaware? please?! :slight_smile:


One more vote for a mobile version, just a basic listing for aircraft, and also airport. Navigating the ‘normal’ website is cumbersome at best on my Blackberry Tour.


I use to be able to pull up flightAware to track the aircraft in my flight department. Since they have schanged over to the new map format i cannot get a graphical representation as to where my aircraft are. As the director of a flight department this represents a huge reduction in the vule of this website as an effective tracking mechanism.

I sincerely hope they re-think the map. the old one was great on both desktop/laptop and BlackBerry mobile devices.

Chris Sullivan
Director of Aviation
Lockton Companies, LLC.


I’m with these guys :open_mouth:


What Blackberry model do you have? Which web browser are you using?

Maps are working on my 8700g with the built in browser.


I use a 8310.


I’m using BB Bold (9000) with Opera Mini


Are you referring to individual flight maps or the map on My FlightAware or something different?


Another aviation professional checking in here. Where is the app for the iPHONE?


Can no longer see my flights on a map as before. Please fix this issue. BlackBerry Curve 8330, using the latest browser available from Alltel for the 8330. :frowning: