iOS app beta testing for version 5.3.3

We’re going to soon be starting beta testing for the next version of our iOS app, version 5.3.3. This version will contain a number of feature enhancements as well as a few minor bug fixes. The tentative release date for this new version is late February.

The changelog for this release is currently:


  • Maps now differentiate between estimated and actual positions of aircraft and path flown
  • Maps now show new icons indicating aircraft general type
  • Improved the way nearby airports are zoomed and allow disabling per map type
  • Adding an aircraft to “My Aircraft” via My FlightAware process requires less steps
  • Display format for Aircraft rows in My FlightAware easier to read
  • Normalized airport codes to display IATA / ICAO unless codes are subset of each other

Bug Fixes:

  • Tapping a notification when app is closed will now correctly navigate to flight after app opens
  • Map controls no longer hidden after changing map layers
  • Normalized flight idents to remove spaces
  • Increased space for long airport names
  • Improved display of filed and actual flight data
  • Fixed double load of airport pages
  • Improve search results by eliminating some duplicate results for flights and aircraft categories

Please leave us feedback here on our discussion board, preferably in this thread or a new one.
Leave feedback from the app by going to settings and tapping “Email Support”.

We are interested in getting users to help us beta test this version (and future versions) before we release it to the general public. If you are not already helping test our iOS releases and would like to help out, please reply in this forum thread and I will send an invite to join us by email at the address that you have on file for your FlightAware account. The email will have instructions for installing the “TestFlight” application from the iTunes app store to access our beta versions.


I would like to help test out the beta versions of the Flightaware iOS app. If you still need people to test the app, I would enjoy helping out.


Added. You should have received an email separately with instructions.

Awesome, thank you!

I’m willing to beta test!

I’ll play.

Hi il like to beta test

Yes, I would like to help in the Beta Testing…


I’m fairly new to Flight Aware. If this beta testing is for the ADS-B box I’m using, I’d also like to be included in the Beta testing. Anything to hep if I can.
My unit number is Site identifier: 4314
Internet IP:
Site local IP:
In Central Luzon in the Philippines

Thank You In Advance

Love to help. Sign me up

I’m all in, if you need more folks, thanks!

Please add me to your list of willing beta test participants for Flight Aware. I fly two aircraft and use Flight Aware often. I also have a PiAware ADS-B uplink station and enjoy the experimentation.

Thanks, Tom

I’d be willing to a beta tester

Please count me in as well.

I’d be happy to help as well!

Thanks Dennis, You will receive an email from Apple’s TestFlight service shortly.

I would be interested as well.

Thanks. You will receive an email from Apple’s TestFlight service shortly.

Thanks jamesjohn911, You will receive an email from Apple’s TestFlight service shortly.

Thanks bdarnell, You will receive an email from Apple’s TestFlight service shortly.