Android app (Beta v1.0) - Honeycomb tablet findings thread

I have been testing the first build of the new Android app on my Asus Transformer tablet (32Gb model running stock [non-rooted] Honeycomb 3.2 that was released a few days ago) for the past few minutes and haven’t noticed any major issues worth pointing out.

Obviously, the initial design and functionality issues that are affecting the app itself (mentioned in another thread) still apply here, but overall it runs much smoother than the phones I’ve tested up to this point.

I’m sure that the overall ‘smoothness’ of stock Honeycomb, which is designed a lot better than earlier versions of Android to begin with, has a good bit to do with these results. This would almost certainly seem to be the case when tested against phones that are running versions of Android that have been heavily modified by the various mobile carriers and device manufacturers.

I’ve tested the app with and without the tablet attached to the keyboard dock, as well as with the tablet held upright and sideways.

More later…