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App will not open on Droid Incredible

Just installed app on droid incredible. Splash screen comes up and then app just closes to home screen? :cry:

I have the exact same issue on my HTC Thunderbolt.

See the other topic that I have started about this issue… I had actually typed up that post prior to you guys starting this thread, but didn’t notice this topic until I posted that one. :confused:


Similar on the original Droid - splash screen, then the box that says “Sorry…process has stopped unexpectedly.”

Ok, opens on my Incredible in landscape mode. (my phone is rooted but running stock ROM.)Wont let me log in so kind of useless for me right now. I work for corporate dept and our tail #'s are blocked so unless I can log in I cant do much with this. I’m going to install it on my transformer and try it there.

Scratch that, I can log in (had to hit back button to get to log on screen) shows our aircraft so Ill have to play with it for functionality.

To log the launching failures could you download this app and post or send me the logs right after the launch fails?

As I mentioned in the other thread, I attached ADB debug log files from a Thunderbolt and an Incredible to a message I sent to the beta program’s e-mail address late on Saturday night. Did those make it to you?


Thanks, got it and passed on to the developers.