iphone app wont let me in

When trying to access my Flightaware iPhone app, I get the following:

Error logging in. Please enter your username and password and try again.

Problem is, where do I do that? I can’t get past the splash screen.

Are you using the latest version (2.6) of the app?

If it lets you past the login page there should be a logout button on the landing page.

As far as I know, I’ve got the latest (d/l’d about 2 weeks ago).

I can’t get past the splash screen. I wont let me do anything except click the “OK” button on the notification.

There is no place to enter anything.

I’ve done some additional research on this. Apparently it is a common problem…several reviews mention the fact that you can’t get in.

Is there a solution?

Yea, 2.6 was released a couple months ago. By the splash screen do you mean the screen with dimmed edges and a FlightAware logo in the middle?
Just to be clear, you never see the login screen or enter your credentials, but it tells you there is an error logging in, correct? Can you provide a screenshot of the error so we can see what’s behind it?

Unfortunately we can’t reproduce the issue from their descriptions nor will Apple let us interact with them.

I have the same problem. I am using an iphone 4 and just downloaded the app. When I type in username and password its says…“Could not log in, check username and password and try again.”

Never mind. I got it to work.

Maybe a report problems button within the app back-linking to the forums or emailing support can fix this problem?

What was the fix?

I use the correct username. Go figure. :confused:

I had the same problem and had the updated version.

All I did was remove the app - sync my phone then re-added it and did another sync and it allowed me to sign back in - no problems!! :bulb:

Hope this helps!