I am new to FlightAware. When I use my iPhone App and I tap the My FlightAware button (lower right corner) it pos up a window saying “Could not retrieve flights. To configure your My FlightAware flights please visit the FlightAware website”.

I have gone to the website and configured it (I think) and added flights to monitor, which i can see when I am online with my computer. Am I missing something?

I’m experiencing the same problem. I’ve installed the app on an iphone 4 operating on the verizon network.

That page is fed from your My FlightAware My Aircraft, which is currently blank for both of you.

You can set it up at flightaware.com/account/manage/ in the “My FlightAware” section.

Well, I had trouble with the iPhone app. So, what I did was delete it. Re-Sync the phone with iTunes, then reloaded the app. Everything has been working fine.

Must have been a glitch in the install routine or process.

Am I gonna have to do this? I’m tracking a flight right now online. It shows pushed from gate 10 minutes ago. The app on the iPhone is showing nothing. delayed 43 minutes. would be nice if there was a refresh button on the app.

The app supports shake-to-refresh.