Updates to the Flight Aware App for the iPhone

What do you like and not like about the new update to the FlightAware App?

To me it’s more difficult to go back to a previous selection. It seems that you have to re-enter the data all over again. I would like to see the ability to delete a previously monitored airport without clearing all the saved airports.

I am having incredible difficulty with the new mobile app. It is next to useless. It doesn’t save my flight (if I can find it!) so everytime I go out of the app I have to find it again when I come back in. I often use the “where is this flight coming from?” function to see where the incoming flight is. So far it appears to return random flights to my iPhone. Today I went CLT-EWR on United. The incoming flight was variously listed as ORD-CVG, LGA-CLT, etc. Not the same combination twice in a row. If you look up flights by route you get a list starting at the farthest out, so you have to scroll down, down, down to find the next one. Etc., etc., etc. I had problems with the app on my trip down (so it wasn’t just today I was experiencing it) but I assumed it was me (I was really tired). Not so. I am just a frequent flyer but I have used the flight aware app for years now with no problems whatsoever. I am pretty good with using apps and I simply find it so incredibly glitchy that it is almost useless.

cmmerkel, quick question for you: when you mention it doesn’t save your flight after you go out of the app and you have to find it when you come back in, are you talking about the flight page, or the recent searches list? Is it saving the flight number in your search history? Or is it frustrating that the flight page you were on disappears when you leave the app? If it’s not saving your search history, that’s a bug that the developers could easily fix.

I have noticed that after the latest updates, Flightaware constantly is accessing location services even if I completely close out the app by swiping it away. The little arrow stays on in the upper right corner unless I turn off location services for the app in the privacy settings. It has a purple arrow next to it indicating it is active. This has the potential to cause more battery drain. This happens on both iPad and iPhone.

I like the new app better than the old one, however, you can tell it was probably not written by an iOS developer. It has the interface of an Android app.

The APP needs a BACK BUTTON. Please FlightAware have your designers/programmers install one. Thanks in advance.

Yes! +1

I feel the same, the look of the all is great, but is not as easy to navigate as the old version.

I’m wondering if the developed even use this app. seems like they would see what the problems are.

I like most of the new changes but two suggestions

  1. Still need a back button

  2. Need some separation between the scheduled icon (the little clock symbol) and the Settings Button. My arthritic (maybe a little fat lol) fingers keep accidentally clicking the Settings Button instead of the Scheduled Icon.

Thanks for the upgrade.

Issue with the iPhone App–flight plans are coming up truncated…missing the last few fixes and the arrivals. iPhone 5S latest version of FlightAware, both iOS 7 and 8…

Im using the app on an iPhone 4, and was wondering if anyone else has noticed that the app seems to be a little slower then prior to the update a few days ago? Also the app seems to freeze a lot more often when I am using the main menu on the app. I noticed this occurring on the iPad with IOS8 as well. It is still a terrific app!