Beta 5 crashes when logged in

The app works fine until I log in with my FlightAware username. Then it crashes every time it is opened. Tried reinstalling and have the same problem.

iPhone 6s and iOS 9.1

I also encountered the same issue.

I have same issue.

iPhone 6 iOS 9.1

We believe this is an issue with the server-synchronization that affects some users accounts. We’re currently investigating this from the crash dumps that are automatically transmitted in. Stay tuned for a new beta once we have it figured out.

For any other users that are having troubles launching the app immediately after installation, try deleting the app first, and installing it fresh through TestFlight.

IPAD 2 IOS 9.1 App continues crashing on opening after repeated delete/installs.
Deleted Testfllight for complete reinstall. Now Testflight message “This invitation has already been accepted”
Note: FA email ID differs from ITunes email ID.

I am getting the same crash here, now I am running iOS 9.2 Beta 2 though.

We’ve identified the crash upon login issue as being an optimzer bug in Apple’s latest Swift compiler. We should be publishing a new beta tonight or tomorrow.

I am still experiencing a crash after I complete the log-in. I completed an uninstall / reinstall and had the same results. IOS 9.1 4th gen ipad.

Updated to the 22:18 UTC update today (11/10) and it now crashes upon getting to the home screen. iPhone 6 running iOS9.1.

Reinstalled a second time, issue resolved.

Okay thanks, we thought it should have been fixed in today’s beta… We’re investigating things further on our side.

Until the issue is fixed, we believe reinstalling the app and not logging in with your FlightAware account is a temporary workaround to let you keep using and testing the rest of the app’s functionality.

Getting the crash when logging in also , IPhone 5s IOS 9.1

Same here, app works great until I log in, then consistently crashes when opened.

iPhone 6
iOS 9.1
Ver 5.0 (39)

App works after multiple re-installs.

Spoke too soon. Now it crashes within 15 seconds of opening, but not immediately as it did before.

Same here…every version so far crashes when logging on, but works great if continuing without logging on. Only other bug I found was while looking at Akron arrivals today, the app repeatedly quit a few seconds after the list of arrivals appeared. (iPhone 6, iOS 9.1)

I just updated to 5.0 (39) and it still crashes on my iPhone 6 Plus.