Will any usb wifi adapter work with the Flightfeeder (ver 7)

I recently got my flightfeeder, set it up and it’s all working fine but my router is already fully utilizes. No extra LAN ports…

So I was planning on getting a usb WiFi adapter. Can anyone tell me if any particular one is required and how to set it up?


Would this work?


I think that “Ver 7” is the software version. If is the orange FlightFeeder, it has WiFi internal, it just needs to be setup on the “Network” screen.

I have the flightfeeder box sent by flightaware…

Is like the one in the pic? if yes, then it has WiFi capability, it just needs to be setup.

Nope. The blue one…

A small network switch to expand your LAN would be a much more reliable option.
amazon.co.uk/d/Network-Hubs … YGGAJ0VKQK
Obviously, one to suit your country power supply.


Anything that Raspbian supports natively (with no additional drivers needed) should work OK. The adaptor you linked doesn’t really say what chipset it’s using so I don’t know if Raspbian would support it. I’ve had success with rtl8192cu based adaptors.

Thanks will search for that!

We have recommended WiFi dongles in the FAQ (they’re the same as PiAware):