How to connect my flightfeeder with wifi


Recently I got my flightfeeder (7.8.7) from flightaware. I checked the mainboard and found the device established based Raspberry pi 3. We know that the Raspberry pi 3 support wifi connection. But it’s looks like the Flightfeeder 7 only support cable connection. So I’d like to know how to modified system or how to turn on the wifi connection on flightfeeder 7. Because of the cable is extremely ugly for house.
Thank you.


If you have hardware version 7, you can connect an external USB WiFi dongle. Please contact support at for assistance with configuration.


Thanks for your response. Now use a external USB wifi dongle. However, in the device, there is a internal wifi module because the version 7 based on Raspberry Pi3. Why we don’t turn on the internal wifi module instead of external wifi? The version 8 also based on Raspberry Pi 3, So my hypothesis is write SD card of Version 7 with Version 8’s image could turn on the internal wifi module, am I write?


Version 7 is not designed for WiFi support. The software version does not matter. All FlightFeeders run the same software. The metal case interferes with the signal and the radio receiver is not designed for the nearby WiFi radio transmitter. Your external dongle is the only option.


I understand your point. I think update software is a good choice for feeders