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Flight Feeder 7 WiFi?

Hello, i have moved the Flight Feeder 7 to a different location and i can’t use LAN any more but WiFi.

I got the suggested dongle TP-Link TL-WN725N and sicked it in.

Also, i updated the config file and set the wifi network name, password, other network settings, saved that on SD card, put the card back, but it’s not connecting to a wifi.

Is there any other trickery that needs to be done before the wifi is enabled?

The SSH is disabled and the image is completely limited so i can’t set it myself. Is wifi enabled by default?

This is the piware-config.txt that i placed in /boot/

wireless-network yes
wireless-ssid mynetname
wireless-password "mypass"
allow-auto-updates yes
allow-manual-updates yes
allow-mlat yes
allow-modeac yes

Is the WiFi adapter recognized properly?

I had a similar issue with this stick and it was required to install an additional package where i have forgotten the name :frowning:

You should be contacting flightaware regarding any issues or questions about the flightaware owned flightfeeder.