FlightFeeder - external WiFi adapter doesn't seem to connect


I have a blue FlightFeeder box. I have been trying to set it up with an external WiFi adapter - Dlink, DWA-110, Version A1.

This adapter works fine with another RPi/Piaware/RTL-SDR setup that I have; doesn’t require any additional driver install.

  1. When, I used this adapter on FF for the first time, the WiFi option showed on Network Setup on FF. ( This option didn’t show up earlier, when it was connected to ethernet ). It “seems” I can select SSID and set password, but nothing happens; it doesn’t connect to the WiFi network.

  2. Strangely, when I booted the FF after removing the external adapter, the WiFi config option still shows in Network Setup and can select SSID and set password. It seems the internal WiFi got switched on in Step 1, above, and doesn’t go off even after I remove the external adapter. I can’t connect using this internal wifi as well. And, weirdly, I don’t find the option to disable internal wifi adapter ( I remember seeing it once ) .

Please note. I don’t want to use the internal wifi; only external wifi adapter.


Please mail adsbsupport@flightaware.com with the details. If you can leave the dongle in place while keeping the FF connected via ethernet then we can take a look remotely.