Wildcards in flight alerts


I read in a forum that i could use wildcards in flight alerts so i setup the alerts to notify me when there is a B74* arriving at KPHX but it doesnt seem to work.

So my question is are wildcards supported in alerts ?


Sorry, users can’t put wildcards in alerts. I can set up a custom alert for you if you’d like alerts on all the widebodies into Phoenix.

Hey I would appreciate it if you could do that for me.

Ok, you’re set for the A and B widebodies arriving KPHX.

Would anyone be able to help me set this up as well?

What aircraft at what airports?

Same as saupatel, A and B heavies into KPHX.

Hi, I currently have a custom alert for widebodies arriving into PHX. Can the admins setup a custom alert for widebodies departing PHX.


Mduell, can you do this for me as well?
Thanks in advance!

Can you set up alerts for AN-225 flying to any airport in USA?


Any heavy into ALB and any divert. The latter never seems to work in my profile for some reason…

How about Boeings and Airbus into KBKL?

Sorry folks, we’re no longer offering the setup of these custom alerts.


Bummer. These should be options already for alerts. I love Flightaware but the alerts are in need of an overhaul and are not robust.

Unrelated to this thread another developer resolved the issue that was making setup difficult.

KylerHayes please let me know if you still want one.

saupatel changed.

ludaPHX done.

TipekUsair done.

jimcander I just did A&B heavies, let me know if MD or AN or something else is relevant.

plumley1 done.

The problem is the success rate for user setup would be too laow.

I found an old post where users used to be able to set these up. I would like to setup a couple more but don’t want to bother anyone. Any chance this feature is coming back soon?

Where would I put this string:

Complex match: DESTINATION = KCLE AND (EQUIPMENT ~ ^B74[0-8] OR EQUIPMENT ~ ^B77[0-8] OR EQUIPMENT ~ ^B72[0-8] OR EQUIPMENT ~ ^B76[0-8])

Thank you very much!

Thanks muchly!!!

plumley1 you’re set.