Using Wildcards in Flight Alerts

Flight alerts can be set up using wildcards. But it appears that the wildcard can only be used as the 4th character in the a/c type field.

For example, if I want to get an alert for any LearJet landing at a certain airport, I have to set up 5 separate alerts for the following types:*****

If the wildcard was allowable in the 3rd space, I could capture all LJ’s with one alert by typing:*

However, that produces no results and takes me to the “all aircraft” page.

I realize that placing a wildcard in the 3rd space of some aircraft types will produce mixed results (i.e. a CL60 and a CLT4, completely unrelated aircraft) but I’d still like to have the flexibility!

The aircraft type/airline fleet pages support single character wildcards, but alerts doesn’t support wildcards at all.

If you provide the rest of the details (airport, date range, etc) I can set up a special alert for you.

Hi Mark,

Very nice of you to offer help - thanks.

I have 2 to request, shown in priority order below (depending on how many you’re able to do).

I will delete 2 of my existing alerts to make room for new ones.

All Learjets (LJ*) landing at KFDK - all plan milestones checked.

All Challengers (CL*) landing at KFDK - all plan milestones checked.

Done and I did a bit to prevent false matches (like CLT4) and rolled your Gulfstream alert into it too.

Hi Mark,

Very much appreciated! Now I have no excuse for missing an interesting arrival. :slight_smile: