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Alerts not working for AN-124 and AN-225 aircraft types

I set up an alert by aircraft type for the AN-124 for any flight into KMSP.

A few minutes ago just by chance, I manually checked all flights by type for the A124 and there’s a flight on its way into KMSP within the next few hours. However, I never received any emails for it.

I used the aircraft type of A124, destination of KMSP, and Meeting the Flight option.

I also created an alert for the mighty AN-225 (A225) for any flight, any origination and any destination but haven’t gotten any emails about that either. It must be flying around out there somewhere.

Do alerts work for these aircraft types or must it be a regular commercial airline?


When the A124 departed from KMSP, I got the emails. One for the flight plan, another for the departure.

So do the alerts work only if a flight originates within Flightaware’s area of coverage?