Widebodys in the US?


What are some current routes flown by widebodys within the US?


Any plane with “H/” in the aircraft/equipment suffix box. (and in the US)

Hint: Flight #1 for airlines is usually their premier route so if a company has a heavy, it probably will be on Flight #1. (i.e. UAL1, NWA1, VIR1, etc.)

Finally, to answer your question…



It’s not only widebodies that are prefaced with H. The 757-300 also gets a heavy prefix, as does the DC-8-60/70 series.

Go to FlightAware’s aircraft type page. Use the browser’s search function to look for, among others, B747, B767, B777, A330, MD-11, DC-10, and L-1011. Many of these may belong to foreign airlines or be operating freight flights. But, your question was which widebodies operate routes within the USA, not which widebodies operate within the USA that I can buy a flight on. :smiley: (just teasing ya!)


Flight Aware is very useful in getting your answer :smiley:

flightaware.com/live/aircrafttype/B744 would be for 747s currently flying when you click on the link.

flightaware.com/live/flight/ANZ6 … /KIND/KORD seemed to be quite a short flight for such a big jet.

flightaware.com/live/aircrafttype/ and enter the wide body type you would be interested in looking at for currently flying planes. Middle column code is what you will enter in the text box.

You may need to weed through the chaff to get the wheat as there probably will be a lot of international flights, but it wasn’t that hard to do for what you are asking for…

Hope this helps.



Thunderbumper diversion…



Dem bumpers will do it everytime! Should have noticed that myself.

Looking at flight path, look like they tried to cut the corner and hang a left, but leading line of storms musta put a nix to that.

Bet Indy got a charge seeing one of those beasts come in for a visit! :smiley:


Looks like that’s a diversion. According to the ANZ cargo web page, their all-cargo flight routes Auckland - Melbourne - Shanghai - Frankfurt - Chicago - Auckland twice a week.

Given the range of the 747-400F, the aircraft would have to make a refueling stop enroute between Chicago and Auckland. Using the link given above by Allen, that stop is Honolulu. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the Shanghai-Frankfurt segment also has a tech stop enroute.

Looks like Air New Zealand is a true around-the-world airline, even if it is only for cargo.

Edit: Just saw the posting by azav8r as I was finishing researching and posting this post that confirms it was a diversion.


They were trying out a new across the middle TE route for da’ Bears… :wink:


Dem bumpers musta done a QB rush on the flight track as it appears to have been sacked.