ID this Widebody

Hi everyone,
If anyone could help me with this I would really appreciate it.
I was walking home from school at 2:05pm eastern time on Thursday Feb 16 when a two-engine widebody (B777, B767, A330) was making a large contrail over me. The aircraft started out heading west, then south, then east, then west, then northwest, and finally eastbound when I lost sight of it. The colors looked like Aerolineas Argentinas, with 2 blue stripes on an all white bottom just before the engines but I couldn’t tell. Can anyone ID this aircraft and why it would be flying on such an unusual path? Holding pattern maybe?

Thanks in advance!

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This is where FlightAware can help you find the answer to your question.

Take a look at the BWI airport page. (I’m assuming you meant BWI because you didn’t mentin it in your posting but your info indicates BWI).

Click on the “more” label next to the Arrivals field

Sort by the arrival time (click on the arrival label in the last column.

Search for wide bodies landing approximately the time you saw it.

I found one aircraft that landed about that time. Take a look for yourself to see what landed then and let me know to see if we come to the same conclusion. Use or to look up the aircraft once you have determined what it is to verify your guess.

Thanks for the info. I checked and the only aircraft was British Airways 229 from London- but I saw this one arrive at about 3:00. The aircraft I’m describing was WAY up, like cruising altitude. I also called my dad at the airport, and he said he didn’t see anything.
Also the airport I am closest to is BWI, sorry I didn’t include it in the last post.

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I thought it might have been WOA 8060 ( because I overlooked the mention of a contrail. This aircraft just happened to arrive at BWI at 14:09. However, looking at it again I noticed it was 14:09 yesterday, not today. It’s been a long week - no need to make it a day earlier than it actually is! :cry: :open_mouth:

Based on your description this aircraft most likely did not arrive at BWI but was an overflight.

Ok guys I have another one-
I was at the mall and I saw this one- a B747 with a white bottom and white engines at cruising level (it was contrailing) go from south to west. I was in Annapolis, MD at 5:42 pm when this happened. I’ve checked around but can’t find any info.

Can anyone ID this?

Thanks in advance!

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Good luck to anyone who can identify this aircraft. I want to know what type of binoculars you use or eye exercises you do. If the aircraft was at cruising altitude then it’s doubtful that the colors could be determined from the ground. All of the aircraft I’ve seen from the ground that are at cruising altitude all appear to be the same color.

It may have been Cargolux 760 routing KJFK-MMMX but I haven’t confirmed it yet. The description matches the one I gave earlier and I couldn’t find any other B747’s routing over my area.
As for binoculars etc I usually use binoculars but didn’t have them when I saw this airplane.

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Edit- I couldn’t find any B747s routing over my area at that time. UPS2076 KSDF-KEWR is sometimes a B747 but it goes over around 3pm if I remember correctly. This a/c was at 5:44pm.

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I was outside and I saw this plane overhead, then I was at school and saw another out the window. Can anyone ID them for me I really need to know or I will die.

k thx

Do you live in the Baltimore/Annapolis area? It would be neat to see another Flightaware member from around here.
It’s also neat to notice that other people notice what’s flying over :slight_smile:

JetBlast :slight_smile:

WOW, I thought the sarcasm in that post was obvious…I guess not. No I live somewhere else and always know what I see without having to ask.

Kurtal said:

I thought the sarcasm in that post was obvious

If this is refering to my posting:

Good luck to anyone who can identify this aircraft. I want to know what type of binoculars you use or eye exercises you do.

then I want to let you know I wasn’t being sarcastic. It’s difficult for me to be able to tell the color scheme of an aircraft at cruising altitude with binoculars, much less my naked eyes.

Please remember to quote the pertinent part of the posting you are replying to unless it is 100.0934382% obvious. Thanks.

WOW, I thought the sarcasm in that post was obvious

No, not really. I thought you were serious. Sorry for any misunderstanding. (no sarcasm, I mean it)

always know what I see without having to ask.

Good for you, eagle eyes. Unfortunately I can’t tell what airline an all-white bottomed aircraft is like you can. I’m sorry for asking so people who may know so I can get my log right.

No sarcasm.

JetBlast :unamused: