Does anyone know what this is about?

An unknown British B772 charter leaving BWI for LHR. Would it be Tony Blair’s flight? It went through Andrews on the way to SFO.


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Which flight are you referring to there. There are three listed.



See bold above. If it were a snake, you would be a dead man!


Basically I was saying put the link to that SPECIFIC FLIGHT. Didn’t realize it until now that there was only one 777 flight in that log. I knew what flight number it was just not the specific flight it was. If that made any sense.


Not really, becuse if you click on his link, it takes you to THAT flight, since it is the top of the three.


But what happens if another one departs today? I was always told to send the link in the history.


BWA9130 is the flight that flew from ADW to SFO. The flight originated in London.


Hi folks,
Just to clarify, I am talking about the B772 flight from Baltimore to London Heathrow that happened yesterday. I was wondering if anyone knew what this flight was, why it was here, etc.

Damiross, thanks for the heads up on BA9130. I knew it went through ADW, but I thought that it would stop there on the way back instead of BWI or IAD.

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