Hi just wondering, can anyone tell me why this flight is taking a different route to the one shown on the map? Looks like its taking a MASSIVE shortcut, it was quite late departing. Thanks Rhiannon


Would that really be a shortcut? I thought the great circle routes were the shortest paths.


No Idea, I know nothing about flightpaths etc. Just a relative of a passenger , stalking the flight :blush:


The great circle route is the shortest distance but after factoring in winds aloft, going around known storms etc. the best route may not be the shortest distance. Trans Atlantic re-routes from ATC are not uncommon, although this one is quite a bit different. If you go back earlier in the week you will see where they did end up way north, on the flight plan.
Typically the westbound traffic ends up a bit farther north of the great circle route since that misses most of the usual headwind. That is typically 52 to 62 N latitude. Likewise the eastbound traffic ends up as close to the jet stream as possible to take advantage of the tailwind. Generally this puts them somewhere around 45 to 50 degrees N.


Thanks for the reply.

So basically the route they take just depends on the weather. I didn’t realise they could change route that much, although I suppose once they are up there what other choice do they have.

I was just interested in the route it was taking as it seems to be an extra short-shortcut considering they left two hours late but will arrive only ten minutes late.

Thanks Rhiannon


On the Tracker the plane keeps turning round and going backwards ?? :confused:

Maybe that’s why it says it is gonna take another 3 hours… cause they are gonna fly round in circles for a while. :laughing:


Now it has its defense shield up!

It’s probably under attack and performing evasive maneuvers. :wink:

The circle means it’s an estimated position - it may not be accurate.


haha Yes, I admit I’m just a silly girl who knows nothing . . . but that was quite funny hehe Forcefields!!


We have a bug that sometimes causes the previous day’s route to be shown instead of the current.

I’m seeing the correct route displaying now.


Yeah it changed just before. Thanks


Interesting. It looks like it took the “nothern route” prior to 10/13. It has been on the souther route the last couple of flights.


Probably due to the weather patterns and winds aloft changing.