single isle transatlantic (USA777)



There’s an error in the flight plan. Looking at the past history, most flights are 757s.


Agreed, the outbound flight on the 8th is shown as a 757.


I’m trying to understand exactly what the point of this thread is. It’s not at all uncommon to see narrow-body aircraft going across the pond. Am I missing something?


i guess flightaware isn;t all that accurate then :frowning:


FA can be only as accurate as what is entered into the FAA system…so as trafly asked, what’s your point with this?


Many airlines operate single** a**isle aircraft across both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.

The 737 and 757 are flown from the East Coast of the USA to many points in Europe.

The 737 and 757 and flown to many points in Hawaii from the mainland USA and Canada.

It is also possible to fly the 737 from North America to Australia (with, naturally, one or two stops enroute).

Use the search feature (located at the top of every forum page) and enter 737. You will find a couple of discussions on 737s in ETOPS (“engines turning or passengers swimming” or, as the FAA says, “extended twin operations”) service.


The 24 hour in advance scheduled flight plans don’t include an aircraft type, so we predict it based on recent flights. When the filed flight plan comes in we will amend the flight to the aircraft type actually filed.

We should italicize the predicted aircraft types to reduce the ambiguity.


:confused: So that’s what this was about :question: