DAL dispatchers having fun

KHXD (Hilton Head, SC) 4300 Ft runway, Max weight 75,000 Lbs.


In case things change before you read this there are several MD88’s and 757’s scheduled ATL-HXD-ATL.

As i said this may change as they get done with whatever exercise they are doing.

(I actually suspect those are really MES flights, but a DAL 757 sounds better than an SF34)

Note the aircraft type is in italics, so it’s a prediction from us based on previous flights by that flight number. About 2 hours before departure we’ll get the actual flightplan.

party pooper


Wouldn’t it be better to have aircraft type “unknown” rather than predicting an aircraft type?

I know of some people on a Yahoo group that use FlightAware as a source to let them know when certain aircraft are going to be at PWM. A couple of them, at least, were very disappointed to find out that the MD88 was actually a CRJ900 because FlightAware at predicted rather than placed “unknown” as aircraft type. And this happened after I told them that FlightAware doesn’t make up data!

Not a bad point. Either wait until the flight plan is filed, or, tighten up the rules to include the city pair in question not just the flight number.
I see the mistake on the west coast frequently, an airline will reuse the flight number with, say, an RJ on the east coast and an E120 on the west coast. Until the west coast flight plan is filed quite often the RJ is shown.
For instance Sky West has only flown the RJ into KSBP as a Delta Connection route from SLC. That route is now defunct but RJs still show up on FA from time to time on United Express routes.