XL flying to Florida?

I took this photo over the beach near Miami. It looks like the airline is UK’s XL and the airplane looks like late series 737, probably series 800. Does XL fly to Florida? If this was a holiday charter, are their 737s configured to fly over the ocean?



Need more details like the approximate time of arrival - day and time.

There’s a possibility that it was leased by another airline and hasn’t had the color scheme changed yet.

Doing a little snooping around, this could have been the aircraft that Miami Air leased from XL. Can’t make out the registration so I can’t confirm this.

Maybe it wasn’t flying over the ocean but making a huge 180 for approach. Mine did that in FLL. In fact, our 757 flew so far out over the ocean before turning around to land in FLL, I was getting ready to flag down an attendant and ask if we had diverted to England!

Assuming his camera’s time is set correctly, 12/28/2007 2:21PM, but the only B737 arrivals I see into MIA at that time were American, Continental, and Copa. If his clock is off by a bit, it could be Miami Air: BSK506, BSK507, or BSK741.

The photo was taken Dec 28th at 3 pm local time. The aircraft was crossing the shore wesbound I think shortly before the “U” turn into MIA. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an XL 767 or even a 757, but to see this one which I am 99% sure is a 737 series 800 or 900. strange…

BSK507 is our winner.

And you may want to correct the clock on your camera. :slight_smile:

A Trans Atlantic 737 is actually quite common. Miami Air fly through my part of the woods quite frequently.

Check out this thread

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XL only use their 767’s for flights over the atlantic, though im pretty sure they only have a few destinations outside of europe, also their 737’s are only used for flights inside of europe, and as XL have a joint scheme with Oxford Air Training University they take cadets with legal minimum flying hours for flying jets to fly their 737’s and new ones being delivered, so doubt they would send a new guy straight on a long haul atlantic flight.

RZJETS XL B737 on lease to Miami Air. (enter N904MA on top right, click search).
Photo of N904MA at MIA Dec 20/07 Flickr