Icelandair in Miami?


Today I saw a Boeing 767 all white with Icelandair on it landing at MIA. Flightaware does not show anything like it. Unfortulately I could not take a photo to research the registration. How does that happen? Does anyone have more information about this landing which accured at around 12:30 pm Eastern time? I did notice a scheduled arrival of Santa Barbara with a 757 at that time but I have previously photogrpahed Santa Barbata’s airplanes and they have a specific color scheme.



are you sure it isn’t just a charter?


Icelandair doesn’t have any B767 in their active fleet.

Do you remember approximately what time it arrived?


Not sure when they got rid of their 767’s, but this video was added 14 months ago

Could have been a one-time charter, or some kind of reloacation. Whatever it was, there are no 767’s landing KMIA at that time on FA. May have been blocked.


OK…today I happened to be near KMIA at the same time of day and took a photo of the mysterious ICELANDAIR bird landing in MIA. First of all this time I confirmed that it was a 757-200, the type with the Rolls Royce engines. Second, the registration of the aircraft if TF-FIS. And finally, it is owned by Icelandair but they have a history of leasing out this aircraft to other airlines. Currently it is flying between Caracas and Miami on behalf of Santa Barbara airlines.